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FurFright hockey jerseys - deadline August 15th! .....plus a couple other deadlines... - Husker_Fox's: Furry Connect

About FurFright hockey jerseys - deadline August 15th! .....plus a couple other deadlines...

Previous Entry FurFright hockey jerseys - deadline August 15th! .....plus a couple other deadlines... Aug. 2nd, 2013 @ 06:23 pm Next Entry
Everyone loved the FurFright Hockey Jerseys last year, and told us they wanted another chance to order one, so here they are!


These are game-quality jerseys with double reinforced shoulders and elbows, customized with your name and number on the back! They look great on anyone (even you)! And studies (we made up) show they make fursuits 75% more attractive!

And this year we're offering 2 (TWO) styles of jersey! Home black, and away white! Collect them all!

They're dirt cheap, and this is your LAST CHANCE to get one! You CANNOT get these jerseys after the deadline, at the con, or ever again! You can only order them at the FurFright Constore...NOW!

***The deadline to order your jersey is August 15th***

Custom hockey jerseys like these must be made in bulk, so we'll be taking orders until ***August 15th*** and then sending the entire order to the manufacturer. Jerseys will be shipped to you in late September/early October.

Jerseys are PRE-ORDER ONLY and will be shipped to your door. They will NOT be available at the con! So join Team FurFright and order now!

Order HERE: http://www.furfright.org/constore.html


Conbook, badge, and t-shirt art submissions!

Have your work printed/published in/on conbooks, t-shirts, badges, con-exclusive merchandise, etc and seen by the horde at this year’s FurFright!


We’re looking for Halloween and War Dogs-themed artwork and writing to be featured in all areas of the convention. We’re going to be selecting many different pieces, so feel free to submit as many designs as you like.

It's a great way to have your work seen by the masses! And if we select your design, you’ll get a shout in the conbook and a nifty gifty!

For more info visit:
(art) - http://www.furfright.org/art.html
(written work) - http://www.furfright.org/written.html


Pre-register NOW Before Badges Sell Out!

For the love of all that is holy, Pre-reg for the con to guarantee admission! We host a maximum of 1500 attendees, so register now before badges sell out!

That, and pre-registering saves you cash monies! So why wait?!

Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html

**Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**

If you have any questions, please respond to the original post, found here:
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